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Making a Difference
by Barbara Rocha


The Los Angeles Times used to run a dynamic ad that celebrated "the Power of One," stirring people to action by exemplifying numerous instances of individuals who have effected change.

One very powerful tool we have for fomenting change is the power to speak. Many of you ask how you can practice your new skills. Why not hone those skills on subjects that inspire your passion, and that have the potential for making even a small change in our society's status quo?

Consider some of the issues that concern you the most. Do you have personal experience or special knowledge of any of those? Or, better yet, in what ways do your experience and knowledge dovetail with those issues? There is some way that what you know and who your are intersects with at least one of those issues.

Now think of some audiences that are concerned about those same issues, and, also, some audiences who are inclined to be in tune with your credentials and/or experiences.

Whatever the connection between you, your passion, and your audience, build a talk based on that common ground, and have a rallying cry. Suggest a solution. Start a movement. Get them involved. And increase "the Power of One."

You'll get some marvelous experience both in organizing your thoughts effectively, and in delivering them passionately (while remaining invisible).

We all have "the Power of One" if we choose to use it. So, challenge yourself to make at least one speech this year supporting a favorite cause. And do it soon. Unleash your power and change a small part of our world.