Presentation to the Board of Directors? One-on-one training.

Sales Meeting? Offer special "big job" sales workshops.

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Corporate Training

Corporate Workshops

What does your team do to make sure your presentation clinches the deal?

Your expertise is your business. Mine is making your business look as good as it is when you make a presentation that will make a difference to your business.

Deciding what to say takes time maybe more time than you have. It also takes a fair amount of discipline to leave out all the things that seem necessary to you but really just make it drag. You want to be on point, engaged, and audience focused. You also want the various parts to fit together seamlessly. And you want to not sound like all the others who are hoping to get the contract.

I know what to leave out and what to put in. How to make sure your slides are actively supporting what you’re saying rather than dragging you down. How to drastically shorten the time you spend on organizing what you’re going to say. And make it easy for your team to present conversationally and without being wedded to your notes.

My clients win because they learn how to tailor everything – words, visuals, delivery – directly to what their clients expect and need.

One-on-One Training

Why should your client presentation sound like all the others?

Let’s shut down the “noise” so you can show off the strengths of your team. Make your client feel connected and confident in your ability to do the job. Strip out the boring slides and use only those that tell your story. Together we can make your story compelling and easy to deliver, so they can see the real you.