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It's your big chance. Speaking at the company's convention or annual meeting, making a speech for your trade association, giving the quarterly report to the board of directors. Or the response has been so great after the free speeches you've been giving - "You were the only one on the program that didn't put me to sleep. I listened to everything you said and I'm going to use it." - or you're the CEO and this is an incredible opportunity to promote your company, or you're forced to speak in 3 weeks if you want to keep your job but you swore you'd never speak in public.

You're not quite sure how to organize your message. You don't have time to organize it and you'd like to be comfortable with it when you deliver it. Your communications department has written it for you and now you don't think you're going to be able to remember it.

You've been impressed by speakers who don't stand behind the lectern and don't use notes - you'd like to be that person. You want to use visuals but you don't want them to be boring. You don't want to be boring. You like the idea of being invisible but don't think you can pull it off. You'd like to keep your job and maybe get a promotion. You'd like to be engaging and conversational. You'd like to be able to continue working productively and sleep nights while developing your speaking skills.

"Right after taking your class I spoke to about 200 people, a larger group than I'm usually comfortable with. I used the BLESS acronym that you used in class -- Breathe, Look at the audience, Engage my mind, Stand still and Speak out -- and it worked!"

Mark Gorney
Regional Sales Manager
Travelers Express

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