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Be Human Not Perfect
By Barbara Rocha


Think back on times you were a victim of boredom and detachment listening to a speech. Those speakers might have been very good technically, but just didn't connect with the audience or the subject.

Ineffective speakers are invariably more focused on themselves than on you. Their presentations are mechanical and seemingly indifferent. That can easily happen when you're focusing on being perfect.

Think about it. If you know someone who's perfect and you like that person, is it because he or she is perfect, or in spite of it? As a speaker, perfection isn't a worthy goal.

Public speaking is about sharing ideas and being focused on the audience - not on how well we look or how perfectly prepared we might be. Why, then, do we try so hard to give a perfect presentation when the only possible result is that we won't be our usual charming selves?

People respond to us when they feel comfortable with us, when they relate to us, when they feel we're being genuine. That's all lost when we make an effort to be perfect, when we try to impress them rather than help them.

Wanting to be perfect makes you focus on your gestures, or your "uh's" or saying all the words exactly the way you wrote them down. The result is that you're focused on yourself rather than on your audience, and you'll look and feel stiff and mechanical.

The most important part of any presentation is your connection with the audience, that connection that says to them that you're genuine and believable. If you make that connection, they'll forgive a misspoken number or less than dynamic platform skills. Trying to be perfect keeps you from connecting and keeps you from selling your idea.

Don't try to be perfect. Be human.

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