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About Barbara Rocha


Barbara started out as one of those people who could be outgoing with her friends but seriously uncomfortable if she had to speak to a group.

With a history major and a math minor it didn�t look like she�d have to do a lot of speaking. But when she came across a logical way to stop feeling on the spot and just deliver the message without all the internal drama, it lead her to start teaching others the same principles that had turned everything around for her and she has continued to do so for more than 30 years.

Now, as a nationally known speaker, trainer, author, and consultant she has conducted over 1200 of its training seminars for well over 10,000 business executives who she has helped effectively control every speaking situation with focus and poise. In addition to her corporate clients, she teaches two public seminars in Pasadena held each Spring and Fall.

Some of her clients include Applied Technologies, Arco Pipeline, Century Housing Corporation, Ericsson Turkey, The Federal Reserve Bank, Marie Callender Pies, Southern California Edison, Turkcell, Turner Construction, Verizon, and The Washington Post.

Rocha earned her B.A. from UCLA, taught in public schools, did graduate study at California State University and earned her M.A. in history, writing a thesis analyzing the speaking ability of Winston Churchill. She is the author of Getting Over Yourself: A Guide to Painless Public Speaking and More; 60 Ways to Spark Your Speaking: Just in Time Answers to Frequently Asked Questions; and Love to Talk, Hate to Speak? How to Gain Confidence in Front of Any Audience.

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