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Book:  Getting Over Yourself: A Guide to Painless Public Speaking...and More by Barbara Rocha

Getting Over Yourself
A Guide to Painless Public Speaking
by Barbara Rocha

Table of Contents


Introduction 1
  Section One: Managing Your Mind
Once you change the head, the body's easy.
Chapter 1. How To Get Out of Your Own Way and Become Invisible 7
  Chapter 2. Overcoming Nervousness, Keeping Your Poise and Focus 15
  Chapter 3. Avoiding the Pitfalls of Perfection 25
  Chapter 4. Conquering Fear and Panic 31
  Chapter 5. Listen Well and Connect with Your Audience 45
  Chapter 6. Dealing with Intimidation 55
  Chapter 7. Think Like an Audience 61
  Chapter 8. Winning the Mind Game 77
  Chapter 9. Coping with a Hostile Audience 89
  Section Two: Managing Your Body
Your body communicates more powerfully than your words
  Chapter 10. Controlling Your Feet, Hands and Voice 99
  Chapter 11. Letting Go of the Lectern, Notes, and Other Crutches 115
  Section Three: Managing Your Words
A well-organized presentation leads your audience to a conclusion and reduces your stress level - before and during the presentation.
  Chapter 12. Coping with Time, Organizing, Using Humor 127
  Chapter 13. Creating Effective Visual Aids and Using Them Properly 161
  Section Four: Managing Your Success
Now what? If the principles in this book make sense to you, they may help in many areas of your life.
  Chapter 14. How Reluctant Speakers Became Polished Presenters 177
  Index   189

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Table of Contents
Sample Chapter


"In both sports and speaking, you've got to focus and keep your eye on the ball. This two-in-one text improves your sports and your speaking at the same time."

Kevin McClatchy
The Pittsburgh Pirates

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