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Ailes, Roger, You Are the Message: Getting What You Want by Being Who You Are, New York: Doubleday, 1996

Cooper, Dr. Morton, Change Your Voice Change Your Life, New York: Wilshire Book Co., 1999

D'Arcy, Jan, Technically Speaking: A Guide for Communicating Complex Information, Battelle Press, 1998 (800-827-3098)

Gaulke, Sue, 101 Ways to Captivate a Business Audience, New York: AMACOM, 1997

Hoff, Ron, I Can See You Naked: A Fearless Guide to Making Great Presentations, New York: Andrews and McMeel, 1998

Leech, Thomas,How to Prepare, Stage, and Deliver Winning Presentations, 2nd ed., New York: AMACOM, 1993
People, David A., Presentations Plus: David Peoples' Proven Techniques, 2nd ed., New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1992

Pike, Bob, and Dave Arch, Dealing with Difficult Participants, San Francisco, Jossey-Bass, Pffeiffer, 1997

Wilder, Claudyne, and David Fine, Point, Click & Wow, A Quick Guide to Brilliant Laptop Presentations, San Diego, CA: Pfeiffer & Co., 1996


"In both sports and speaking, you've got to focus and keep your eye on the ball. This two-in-one text improves your sports and your speaking at the same time."

Kevin McClatchy
The Pittsburgh Pirates

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