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Keynote Speakers: Professional Speaker: Barbara Rocha

Barbara Rocha is a nationally known keynote speaker and author of "Getting Over Yourself: A Guide to Painless Public Speaking".

Keynote Speech Topics Include:

Stand Up and Stand Out.
Like it or not, you can't get away from it. You are making a FIRST IMPRESSION when you present yourself to an audience, a small group or to an individual business contact. Is that impression helping or hurting your business?

The 3 Power Tools of Public Speaking,
Tips You'll Never Get From the Tool Man.

3 power tools of speaking and the power that drives them.

Get over yourself. Get out of the way. Get into the zone.
Often what it boils down to is that you can put everything you've ever learned about speaking, put it in a thimble, and throw it in the ocean. If you don't talk from your heart. You've gotta have heart. You have heart about your business and this talk "Three Secrets to Painless Public Speaking is about showing that heart when you're promoting your business by speaking.

Giving the gift. Making a Present of your Presentation.

Most of us feel really good about helping. It feels good to improve someone's life- to solve a problem, and it feels good to reinforce that we're good at something.

From Bored Room to Board Room.
The three things necessary for stress-free speaking and how they apply to every situation. The five key organizing ingredients for compelling presentations and how to incorporate them into your presentations. The three most important physical parts of a presentation, how they dovetail and how to achieve them.

Breakroom to Boardroom:
Delivering information in less time with more impact.

From selling your program's ROI, to delivering bad news to employees, to presenting (yet again) the new HMO program, how you present your ideas significantly impacts the audience's buy-in.

How to Schedule Barbara or Request a Demo Tape:
To contact Barbara, email info@barbararocha.com or call 1-626-792-8075.


"All of Barbara's words of advice and encouragement ring true. She wants us to get on with public speaking and she does it with humor, thoroughness and a true understanding of our fears."

Anita Creamer
Sacramento Bee

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