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About Barbara Rocha


Sharon Wallace, Director of Corporate communications, Central Power & Light Co., Coprus Christi: "My report to the Board of Directors went really well. I didn't use any notes and I got a lot of good comments on my presentation. It felt good-and I felt good."

Mark Gorney, Regional Sales Manager for Travelers Express: "Right after taking your class I spoke to about 200 people, a larger group than I'm usually comfortable with.

I used the BLESS acronym that you used in class -breathe, look at the audience, engage my mind, stand still and speak out-and it worked!"

Lou Cerutti, The Sacramento Bee: " 'Don't be afraid of your audience; concentrate on your subject and look them in the eyes. Those ideas from your class have helped me overcome my fear of audiences making a presentation in front of large groups. They have also helped me start a fun-filled second career doing movies and TV commercials."

Ruben Gonzales, United States Postal Service: "Recently I went to Washington, D.C. to give a presentation in front of my boss, peers, and corporate officers. I'm happy to tell you that I not only got good reviews, but I felt poised, confident, and relaxed. Actually not only did I feel that way, the reviews I got included those comments as well. I guess maybe there's a connection between how I felt and ho I came across."

Chris Hagen, Manager of Training and Organization Development for Rockwell Digital Communications Division in Newport Beach: "Even though I've been actively conducting training programs for 12 years, I learned some new skills in your course, and reinforced what I already knew. I've always been confident, but this helped me develop even more confidence in front of an audience, and a greater sense of freedom."

Karen Horwitz, Internet Product Marketing Manager at Jujitsu in San Jose: "I want to thank you again for all your great coaching at the presentation skills class a few months ago. Both the small presentation I had to give in my marketing course, and the big presentation I gave at the company customer conference just weeks after class, went very well."

Debbie Belser, Package Development Engineer, S.C. Johnson Wax: "Last week, I gave my first presentation since taking your class just 3 short weeks before. I felt really good up there. In fact, it came across so well that many people came up to tell me what a good job I did!

Deborah Pierce, VP, Finance, Aztar, Inc, Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas: "You saved me from disaster yesterday! I don't know what I would have done if I had not been armed with a clear picture of you saying, 'You can be ready in five minutes to give a speech. Quiet yourself, believe in the importance of your message, and think about the needs of your audience.'"

Kathleen Hatfield, Federal Reserve Bank, Dallas: "In your class, I worked on a speech relating to something I wasn't pleased with at my daughter's school-a promise they weren't fulfilling. Your comments helped tie together the pieces that had been jumbled in my brain for several days."

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