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About Barbara Rocha

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Woodland Hills, CA - Are there easy ways to overcome the fear of standing in front of an audience? Are there simple and natural ways to make a positive impact and immediately win respect? "Yes" said Pasadena-based author and nationally respected speech coach Barbara Rocha.

Practicing her own advice, she was the featured speaker at a meeting of the California Women Business Owners Monday evening, November 8, at the Warner Center Marriott Hotel. The title of her address was "Stand Out When You Stand Up!"

"It begins with an attitude adjustment," Rocha advised. "Are you comfortable with yourself and your subject? Are you comfortable with silence? If so, you're likely to make a great first impression on any size audience, because you'll be focused on them, not on yourself," she continued. "Increasing business and meeting your growth goals are often going to depend on your coming across as knowledgeable and tuned into your audience."

The title of Ms. Rocha's book, "Getting Over Yourself - A Guide to Painless Public Speaking", reflects the philosophy she shared with the CWBO gathering. "Getting over yourself means you get out of your own way - to better connect with your listeners. It means you're free to communicate your ideas, instead of your fears", she concluded.

Barbara Rocha can be contacted at Barbara Rocha & Associates (626) 792-8075 or by e-mail at BARBARABCS@aol.com.

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