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About Barbara Rocha

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People would rather die than speak in public. Polls back that up. Yet most of us are required to face an audience and communicate our ideas effectively. We're called on to perform an act that sends us into panic and self-flagellation.

Good news! You can overcome all that anxiety. It begins with an attitude adjustment. If you expect to have trouble remembering your material, or making your body work right, or if you expect to be ridiculed, you just might get all those problems. If you expect to do a good job, have a good time and get a great response from your audience, that's what you'll get.

Good public speaking is seven parts attitude and three parts mechanics Too often, we're taught to rely on "tricks" and easy-to-learn devices to make a speech work. Technique alone will not enable you to connect with your audience - and you must connect to communicate. There is no speaking situation where this is not true.

The next time you have to speak, consider this question: "Is this about me?" If the reason you're getting this assignment isn't just to torment you, what is the purpose? What possible reason could there be to give information to this audience or motivate them to take some kind of action?

When you focus on sharing your message with your audience, instead of focusing on yourself, they'll focus on your message too. When they're focused on your message, they're not thinking about you and voila! You're practically invisible. Invisible! Free to communicate your ideas instead of your fears. Free to make eye contact and not rely on notes or slides. You'll be free to roam and not be anchored to a podium. You'll be able to manage your mind and "get out of your own way."

Barbara Rocha is the Director of Barbara Rocha & Associates, based in Pasadena. Her organization has conducted over 600 communications training seminars for well over 8000 business executives and professionals. This article is based on her book "Getting Over Yourself - A Guide to Painless Public Speaking" which is also available in video and as an audio book-on-tape. Toll free number:1-888-253-2330

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