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by Barbara Rocha

Bouldin Hill Press, $19.95 194 pages.
ISBN 0-9660001-2-9

"Learning to 'get over yourself' will put you in a comfort zone where you'll be free to communicate your ideas instead of your fears," states Barbara Rocha in her highly entertaining and practical guide, "Getting Over Yourself: A Guide to Painless Public Speaking...and More".

Ms. Rocha has mastered the subject. In seminars, workshops and personal sessions, she has coached thousands of students in developing confidence, focus and poise in front of an audience.

Her valuable advice goes to subjects like "Managing your mind" Staying focused in order to 'get out of your own way'". "How to manage your body - your hands, your feet and the sound of your voice". "How to prepare a well-organized presentation that excites your audience and, at the same time, reduces your stress".

Filled with good advice and step-by-step coaching, supplemented by lively cartoons, illustrations and anecdotes, "Getting Over Yourself" is a reader-friendly and valuable aid to anyone who ever has to face an audience. The book is also available in audio cassettes, read by the author.

Direct telephone orders: (Toll free) 1-888 253-2330

"A no-nonsense guide that is fun and easy to read ... for anyone who aspires to speak before the public - no matter what their level of experience." Sheila Grether, Paine Webber & Co.

"Solid, common sense counseling and a steady sense of humor. Her approach to painless public speaking works!" Mike Kidder, Vice President, Bechtel Corporation

"This lively book is a welcome companion to anyone who speaks for a living - or is terrified about giving their first speech." Jane Applegate, Syndicated columnist & author of "201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business" (Bloomberg Press, 1998)

"A hip gospel of public speaking...paragraph after paragraph of on-target advice. You won't soon get over 'Getting Over Yourself'". Ned Stone, Ph.D., US Naval Research Physics Lab

"A must read for anyone who is uncomfortable speaking - in other words, most of us....Addresses the biggest stumbling block - attitude. Understand how attitude works and everything falls in place." Steve Falk, President, CEO, San Francisco Newspaper Agency

"For anyone on his or her way to becoming wildly successful." Pamela Gilberd, Author, "The Eleven Commandments of Wildly Successful Women"

"It's amazing how terrifying speechmaking can be! This book goes a long way toward relieving that anxiety." James L. Glenn, Vice President, RJR Nabisco, Inc.

"Great insight into staying focused and becoming 'invisible' to an audience. All the tools you need to find true enjoyment in effectively communicating". John Boatright, Vice President, Delta Airlines, Inc.

"A practical guide on how to cope with public speaking in a positive attitude ... without anxiety." Dominic Ng, President, CEO, East West Bank

"Once you 'get it', every speech gets better and the experience gets more comfortable. This book is going to be a classic text on the subject." Kevin McClatchy, The McClatchy Newspaper Group, Owner, CEO, The Pittsburgh Pirates

"This refreshing and pragmatic book doesn't just focus on technique as others do ... adjusting your behavioral approach, but never getting to the cause of the stress in speechmaking. This gets to the cause. Dawn Green, Vice President, Shafer Advertising

"From CEO's and professional speakers to novice presenters, Barbara's approach is instantly usable. Her tips and feedback have helped me immensely." Karen Caplan, President, Frieda's, Inc.

"Exciting and useful ... for anyone having a hard time 'getting over themselves'. Formulating a two-hour seminar for our staff, I've used this book as the basis in my preparation." Sal LaScala, Vice President, Turner Construction Company

"Barbara's seminars and, now, her book have a 'Zen-like' quality... enlightening through direct, intuitive insights. Her book spells out the many choices that empower and liberate a presenter ...turning the most terrifying of challenges into a fun opportunity." David A. Reichel, Ph.D., Director of Organizational Development, Rockwell International

"All of Barbara's words of advice and encouragement ring true. She wants us to get on with enjoying public speaking and she does it with humor, thoroughness and a true understanding of our fears." Anita Creamer, Columnist, The Sacramento Bee

"Using Barbara's techniques, I find myself much more comfortable and at ease speaking before small and large groups alike. The feedback and invitations I get to come back to speak again are evidence that these techniques are, in fact, very effective in reaching the audience. Ralph S. Mozilo, Executive Vice President, Countrywide Mortgage Company

Rocha: "Getting Over Yourself"
Author's Notes/Preface

What will they think? If I tell a joke and no one laughs or even smiles. If I lose my place in my notes and can't recover from it? What if I stumble on the way to the platform? If I leave something out? What if I finish too early or too late?

What if they just don't care about what I have to say? What will they think if I have a slide in the wrong place? If I don't know the answer to a question? If I'm less than perfect? What will they think? Or, as we say in our workshops, WWTT?

I don't want to ruin your day, but do you know what? There's no sense in worrying about what they'll think. They're not there to think about you.

It was a turning point in my life when I realized that I had spent years wondering what people were thinking about me - apologizing for everything I did or was about to do. Constantly beating myself up on the theory that I was falling short of others' expectations. Imagining that what I was doing mattered to people.

What a relief to discover that they were really - most often - thinking about themselves. Least of all me. They were coming to school or to work or to a gathering thinking about their own jobs, their families, responsibilities, their comfort and security.

And that's what they're thinking about when they come to hear your presentation - their jobs, responsibilities and comfort. Now it might be a little deflating to realize no one's really focused on you, but think what it means to you in terms of freedom when you're making a presentation.

You can be yourself. You can talk like a regular person. You can say what you have to say in terms of what your audience wants. You'll be invisible because they'll be focused on your message. Not you!

That's the basis of this book. Getting over yourself is about losing the fears and ineffective delivery that come with being focused on yourself instead of your audience and their needs.

I've organized the content into four main sections: Managing Your Mind, Managing Your Body, Managing Your Words, and Managing Your Success.

It all begins with developing the right attitude. What follows will be a poise and comfort that comes with knowing you believe in what your saying. Your techniques and your delivery will continually improve as you expand your empathy and your connection with your audience and as you learn to stay out of your own way in communicating with others.

I hope that along the way, some of these lessons make sense and have application in other areas of your life. Getting outside of ourselves can yield some remarkable benefits in all of our interpersonal relationships. Enjoy the journey!

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